We are Vancouver's Irrigation Experts

with over 30 years experience


Your Lawn and Garden deserves the best, as it is an investment, all the while with you  being conscious that water is a precious resource, 

Pacific Coast Irrigation offers the following SERVICES


 New Installations

 Main Connections 

Back Flow Installations

 Add on to your existing systems

 Repairs (pipe breaks, nozzle flushes)

 Patio Irrigation - planters, pots and hanging baskets

 Start Ups 


 Back Flow Testing (BCWAA Certified)

Our Crews are lead by the Owner who has over 30 years of experience with Vancouver Irrigation.  This is what Pacific Coast Irrigation does.  

We design head to head coverage, only using the Rainbird Professional Series of products.  

Why to Irrigate:

In todays day and age  we are busy, and watering schedules can mean getting up very early to finish all your water, Irrigation saves you time & allows you to never forget to water again. Your Irrigation is on a controller, and goes on & off automatically. 

You are able to go away and not depend on someone to water your garden.

Water is a precious resource, Irrigation conserves water.

Irrigation adds value to your home up to 10%.

Having a green lawn and healthy garden is a reflection on how you care for your home.


Back Flows prevent the cross contamination of your drinking water.  They are a mandatory in BC on all new Irrigation Systems, and upon installation require testing and the passed test submitted to your municipality.  Pacific Coast Irrigation has a Certified Back Flow Tester, when your irrigation is a new installation we ensure it is properly connected and tested, and we submit the paperwork on your behalf to the City and send you a copy.  We then test your Back Flow Yearly upon your Irrigation Start up


Commercial & Residential Back Flow Testing Service is also offered as a separate ala carte service.  If you have a business or home that requirers testing

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